Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist ZPEXTRE’ssound may not be pigeonhole-able, but it doesconsistently deliver complexity and originality. Instead ofapproaching their music with an assimilative mindset,ZPEXTRE orchestrates eccentrically affable tempos andmelodies which will get synapses firing as they shareaurally instilled dopamine.They’ve been earning their musical stripes since age 12when they acquired their first piano. He then went on tosupport acts such as Beck and Ben Harper in their NewWave band, Bovine Keeler, during college.The Californian artist’s dynamic array of influences includesPhillip Glass, The Clash, Genesis, and any artist with thecapacity to make music which resonates or allows thelistener to find answers to problems we all face as part ofthe human experience.‘Hypnotized’ is their fourth release after making theirdebut with their single ‘Souvenir’ in 2018 and there isplenty more in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond.


ZPEXTRE has delivered his zeitgeist-breaking affably eccentric AltRock hit ‘Hypnotized’Californian artist ZPEXTRE has broken the zeitgeist with their latest single ‘Hypnotized’. Byexperimenting with psychotropic tones and laying down entrancing tribalist rhythms, itunravels as an accessibly rapturous feat of Alt Rock.Hypnotized hits the spot in the same vein as artists such as Fidlar by serving asmorgasbord of amiable charisma through the solo artist’s slightly nihilistic good vibes.There’s a nuanced reminder that the world is no utopia, but ultimately, with its infectiousenergy, Hypnotized affirms that there’s always escape and salvation, if you look for it.

Save It For the Kids

ZPEXTRE (pronounced “zip-X-tree”) is a multi-instrumentalist from California.
The last 4 years America has been in ruins. A leader who not only stole, lied and cheated,
but eviscerated our ablity to preserve an environment for a children’s future.
Save It For the Kids is a plea to the world that we extinguish greed at every front.


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