Have your ever thought How to make money with music on Youtube? Or can musicians gain money on Youtube? If you are a musician, of course you had, and we are here to help your do that easily. By putting original music and content on Youtube, you can gain money each time viewers watch your videos. There are, however, some criteria your need to meet in order to do so.

Earning money on Youtube is an easy thing but it can be missed out. In this article, we will talk about Youtube music monetization and tips for musicians to financially benefit from posting and creating content on Youtube. 

Use Content ID.

If you upload a video that contains copyrighted material, you may receive a Content ID claim for your video. Companies who own the music, movies, TV shows, video games used in other videos which are copyrighted materials submit these claims.

If you use Content ID and CDBaby on your own copyrighted music, you will be able to get paid every time someone uploads a video with your music. However, it may not be as easy as it sounds. Keep reading to know why.

What are the criteria?

To be eligible to earn money on Youtube via CDBabay and Content ID, you have to respect several aspects:

  1. Must own the right to the song, composition and every aspect of sound recording
  2. No karaoke
  3. No remasters or sound alike recordings.
  4. Songs must not contain any beats, loops or samples made with free applications like garage band, logic, Abelton or fruity loops.
  5. No songs using beats you purchased or leased unless you have their copyrights and they have not been used by others
  6. No songs with audio samples that you don’t own the license to use
  7. No songs that use audio elements in the public domain or open licenses such as creative commons

You may ask why? Simply because the rules of Content ID disqualify any YouTube channels and mark them as “ineligible to Youtube monetization”

Is your channel ready to be monetized?

If you content meets the above criteria, you may proceed to check if you channel is monetized in full. In order to check that, here is what you have to do.

  1. Go to your channel analytics
  2. Display results by year.
  3. Check your channel’s entire Watch Time
  4. Take the number of minutes and divide it by 60

After doing this, the answer to your question is on your hands. If you have an annual watch time that surpasses 4000 hours or more, then you are ready to be monetized. If, however, you have less than 4000 hours, then you should probably work on that first, before thinking of becoming fully monetized.


Can I increase my Youtube watch time?

Of course it can, all you have to do is get people to watch more of your videos. There are several things we can give you that will help you achieve that

  • Use the trends in your country: Create content similar to what is trending in your country or the country you aim to attract fans from
  • Your statics can say a lot: Take the most viewed video on your channel and define the percentage of viewed who watch that video in its entirety
  • The more content you create, the higher your total watch time will go.

Making money from Youtube takes a lot of hardwork and commitments. Youtube takes its partners very seriously. As a musician, you are to interact with your audience is frequently as possible.


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