There is a new Music Player in town. YouTube Music is taking over and it should now be Google’s new weapon against Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music on Android devices. Google is taking another step to dedicate everything to YouTube’s music streaming app, as a standard audio player application. The US giant has indeed announced weeks earlier that the application YouTube Music will be preinstalled on devices with Android 10 system.

While this service – which should allow Google to work on the platforms of Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music – until now requires a separate download from Google Play, this will no longer be the case. As reported by the management of the US group, this app will also be integrated on new Android 9 and 10 devices that will come straight from the factory

Is good forcing Google Play into retirement?

This evolution will not be inconsequential for Google’s other music service, Google Play Music, which was previously part of Android, will no longer be pre-installed on Android devices.

According to youtube, users with the new Android 10 devices who use Google Play Music, can still enjoy Google Play Music by downloading it from the Play Store and logging in to their account,” 

Keep in mind that among recent changes to the Android bundle, the company reorganized its Play Store app last month. With two million visitors on a monthly basis, the new look of the Google Play Store interface fits perfectly with the company’s design schema of the hardware with the navigation bar at the bottom of the app and as well as a new navigation left on other devices such as tablets and Chrome operating system.

Is Google Killing their Play Music App?

In our opinion, the coolest trick is that Google Play allows you to create, as easily as it gets, your own Spotify which you can operate from any other device.  Google has promised that YouTube Music will be able to do so, eventually.  

The most recent feature that was added to Youtube music, is the option that allows to play all the files you have stored on one of your secondary device, it does matter if they are tablets or phones, your listen to all your previous music. We consider this essential for a music player app that wants to become a default application on Android.

Since YouTube Music extends beyond Android and extends to smart speakers as well, it may be time to try it if you have not already done so.

This change in strategy is not surprising since Google has always said that YouTube Music would replace Google Play Music one day or another, as a single subscription streaming platform. By giving more visibility to YouTube Music, Google hopes to accelerate the migration of users from one app to another, because there are still many who will stay loyal to Google Play Music. Unfortunately, no usage statistics are provided by Google and, under these conditions, it is impossible to get a better idea of ​​the current distribution of subscribers.


The decision of switching to YouTube Music as the default music app on Android is a huge step forward. The fact that the YouTube Music is just in the Google home screen folder will encourage more people to start using it. However, many of Play Music’s most popular features, such as downloaded music libraries, are still missing. I hope Google succeeds before switching off from Play Music.

You can always search for YouTube Music app in the Play Store and install it right now, free of charge of course. But in the future, Android 10 will save you the trouble. 


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