Recently deployed on iOS and Android, the new Spotify update completely changes the Library tab. Music and podcasts are now separate. Spotify for artists redesigned is almost like a brand new application.

Recognized for its simplicity and elegance, the Spotify application had a Library section that lacked ergonomics. Good news, however, the streaming service announced the release of a complete redesign of their application on iOS and Android. Spotify Premium subscribers should see a minimalist page split into two categories: Music and Podcasts. This is a good step for artists and in this article we will know why.

The library, the strong point of Apple Music

Very good for content discovery, Spotify has never really put forward the library of its users. A reverse strategy to that of Apple Music where the user is redirected to the library each time the application is opened. With this new design, Spotify simplifies itself enough to make this section more attractive. The “Music” tab allows you to switch between albums, artists and playlists, while “Podcasts” lets you choose between recent episodes, those already downloaded and entire series. The illustrations of the albums’ covers are also bigger.

It was released at first so only premium subscribers should benefit from this new design according to the company. Afterward, Spotify decided that all users will benefit from this feature.

Overall, Spotify provides excellent service to millions of music lovers, but Android users have not voiced their voice in the Android version of the streaming application. Things may change, however, because of this updated version of Spotify for Android.

Spotify for artists’ new features

  • Totally new application with full support for Android 9 Pie
  • Redesigned from top to bottom
  • All new sliding navigation
  • More social – check out profile pages and playlists of friends
  • High resolution artist images
  • Associate artist’s view


Now that Spotify is fully supported on Android 9 pie, it is only natural that the app incorporates the design philosophy of this latest android update. In addition to the new hollo skin of the application, the interface has also been modified. Merged with the new Associate Artist view, the new interface facilitates the discovery of new music by users, a thing that raises the chances of artists getting more and more plays. The navigation in the application is faster and more fluid, without any bugs, as was often seen in the previous version.

The Spotify Android app allows its users to view more information when the menu options is relegated to the side. The pause / play button remains in the interface at any time, and it is now possible to listen to songs with “FHD” sound quality. In addition, the improved social features of the app allow the users to watch what their friends have listened to. They can also share their favorite tracks, albums, and playlists with their friends.

The latest version of the Spotify mobile app for Android can be downloaded at the app store. But remember that you have to pay a premium member to pay $ 9.99.


With this being said, the artists who use Spotify as a source of income and profit from their music, will have greater chances of their music being discovered by users on different parts of the world. The design even encourages free users to switch to premium, which means that, as an artist, with this new update, you will be able to make more money. All you have to do is properly promote your music and the rest is left for Spotify.


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