In their endeavor to make the arists’ life easier and more successful, Spotify have managed to lay their hands on Soundbetter, a service that helps artists get help from world class professionals with the aim of making their music sound better and reach the huge number of users who use spotify on a daily basis. This “spotify for artists” as we like to call it, has more than 180,00 registered professionals in different cities and countries.

Musicians around the world aim to produce high quality music that can live to the expectations of their fans, Soundbetter helps more than 1 million users a month. The platform gives musicians the chance to hire remarkably skilled sound engineers, producers and songwriters.

More About SoundBetter.

SoundBetter is the world leader in music production. The company helps musicians around the world to connect and hire the services of music professionals to produce songs of exceptional quality that are ready for broadcast. 

With tens of thousands of top-ranked singers, producers and engineers, including dozens of Grammy Award winners, SoundBetter has the most complete community of directly recruited music production professionals, and a group of members covering more than 14,000 cities worldwide. Based on principles of transparency, verified assessments, a relationship of trust, outstanding talent and a growing customer base, SoundBetter has become the LinkedIn of music professionals.

The Goal of Acquiring Soundbetter.

As we have said in the introduction, Soundbetter is the best market place that provides all the necessary help to artists who are looking for the right people to help them create a high quality music. A service that perfectly matches the needs of Spotify since they are currently looking for something that does not want to overshadow labels but defines itself as a company that uses technology to create relationships between artists, and all the people in the business of music making.

Spotify’s Plan to Earn From Artists.

After they have failed to make DistroyKid a leading music distribution platform, dozens of questions started popping up in the head of the music business leaders, Will Spotify acquire Soundbetter as an alternative? How will Spotify acquire soundbetter. When it finally happened, Spotify Technology started winning big bucks.

Spotify makes millions of dollars out of subscriptions every year, however, the company aims to multiply their profits and that is why they have decided to go with SoundBetter. The company provides services between musicians, producers, songwriters and on the one hand, charges them a small commission each time a deal is made between two of these parties, and on the other hand, payment plans for freelancers can pay up to 59$ a month for premium. 

Spotify is not focused only on streaming music anymore, they have realized that the profit margins were very small and decided to take a big step into music production. With Soundbetter belonging to them now, there will be no competition in this area of expertise and all revenues will be turned to spotify.

The wide reach of Soundbetter.

The acquisition of Soundbetter can be a huge step for both the company and the music business. Spotify stated that there are dozens of famous people using Soundbetter and that includes producers, songwriter and guitar players of Beyonce, Kayne West, Hoobastank, Joe Cocker and George Michael. This will definitely encourage more musicians to use the service, and the higher is the quality of the work, the high is the price and the higher is Spotify’s commissions and winnings.

As a new musician, it can be safely said that Soundbetter is essential for you as a beginner and even as a professional. Starting a music career can be very difficult but Soundbetter can make your music sound better.


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