“LHPS” by Justis Bratt: Sneak Peak of Featured Artist

Justis Bratt - LHPS
Justis Bratt - LHPS

Justis Bratt (born October 08, 1999), better known by her stage name Justis Bratt, is an International American pop star,rapper,model, dancer, and actress. Justis Bratt debuted in 2007 with the album What It Do, and maintains a significant underground following to this day, after which Justis gained notable mainstream success through her work with the Boy and Girls Clubs Of America. Her first underground album, Eyes On You, received widespread critical acclaim and tremendous commercial success.

"The fist day I ever performed was with my older siblings, it was mainly their show, because I only did one song- that's all I had at the time- and I'll never forget that day because it was the day I knew in myself that entertaining is where I need to be"

Justis Bratt


Justis Bratt’s first Underground award was in 2008, 2009, 2012 for Best New Artist for “What’s my name” produced by Mike D. Its popularity was matched by May 2009’s Girl Talk produced by Harold Spiva originally written and produced for Princess Nell Nell which was nominated in the 2009 Underground Awards for Best Rap Song. Justis Bratt was awarded her first Community Leader Award for Most Inspirational Teen, for “Let’s Go” (featuring Harold Spiva and Kid Kj), from her Sept 2008 album Do It Like Me. Her album Do It Like Me was released on September 27, 2009 at select stores. Recently signed under Hollywood Starstruck Records, Justis Bratt is considered to be the royal gem of Virginia’s most talented up rising stars. Justis Bratt has also initiated a burgeoning acting career, starring significant roles in such films as That’s What’s Up , Totally Nell Nell, Road To Success, The Princess Of Gallen, and Directed Dez’s Missing Shoe Strings and in 2012 “Unleashed”.


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