Share your Spotify song to Facebook stories: Spotify feature every musician should redeem

As social networks continue to open the doors to everyone, Spotify now allows you, as a musician, to share your tracks on Facebook stories. Similar to the feature that allows the user to share music from Spotify to Instagram stories, users can now do the same with Facebook. This is a new step from Spotify to encourage users to publish on Facebook stories.

In this article, we will talk about Facebook music stories, how to share music on Facebook messenger, and how to share Spotify song to Facebook.

Spotify music on Facebook Stories?

In order to share music on a Facebook story through Spotify, simply click on the “Share” option in the track. Then select your preferred system, and you will notice Facebook as a new option, here you can share with your story.

When you upload content to Facebook stories, whether they are playlists or, viewers can click directly on that content and it will redirect them to Spotify, they cannot, however, hear any clips.

Who benefits the most?

This feature is designed specifically for the artists, as it provides them with a new way to promote their new music and that is thanks to Facebook stories

Artists and their managers often use the Spotify app’s sharing feature to post their content on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. Spotify allows users to share Spotify songs on their Facebook stories. The maximum video duration is only 15-second clips, but if your music is good, then that’s all you need

Why do you need to use this feature as a musician?

This addition is just a plus for Spotify. The feature is available to everyone, but is primarily for artists. The streaming service explains, “We are constantly developing new ways to help you share your music on Spotify with your fans – wherever they are. Today we are launching a more powerful way to communicate with fans on Facebook Stories – with 15-second song clips. “

Now, when viewers are watching a music story, they will be able to listen to a 15-second snippet of the shared song – instantly – and they can tap “Play on Spotify” if they want to listen to the full song. If subscribers tap on the preview (excerpt), they will be transferred to Spotify, where they will be able to listen to the rest of the song. The change is made for musicians, and according to Spotify, it is a feature that will help the artists connect with their fans better.

Anyone will be able to use the new feature, so it would be a good idea to have your fans share 15 clips of your song, on the hope that it can attract more fans to listen to your music on Spotify.

According to Spotify: “”Taking advantage of our sharing features helps to get your tunes to more people’s ears,” They also added “It will also encourage your fans to interact with you and your music and help spread the love through their own Facebook Stories. Try it out for your next release or a special anniversary or to simply step up your daily storytelling – because every story, even a 15-second one, deserves a proper soundtrack.”


As a musician, you should use this feature as many times as you can. With every song or album you release, it would be a good idea to post it via your Facebook page or group. You can always have other people on Facebook who can provide you with this service. For example, Music pages or groups with huge community and fans can post stories that contain your music and when doing this, you will have more chances of getting your songs and albums known all around the world.


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