Insight on how to copyright original music and why you need it?

How to copyright music for free? Stop asking this question, because all you will get is lies and waste of your precious time. One of the most important things a musician should do, is copyright music online once it is made. As musicians, we need to protect what we have worked so hard for, our property should not go to others. Once your make an original song, original in all aspects of course, such as composition and lyrics, your will need to protect yourself from the risk of being infringed. 

In order to do so, you should have your work officially copyrighted at the US Library of Congress. Submitting your work to the latter, is the only way to save your work from being stolen without your knowing it.

Song copyright laws are very strict and music copyright infringement laws are taken very serious. In this article, we will give your a variety of insights on how to copyright original music and guide your through the legal way of doing it without. 

Prepare your documents.

Before starting to legally copyright your music, your need to have all the required documents ready including your split sheets, lyrics, mp3 files and every other related music document. All information can be found on the official US copyright website.

Create an account.

In order to submit your music for copyright, your should create an account on the official website as well. Your can choose between 6 services including, visual arts, motion pictures and performing arts. Fill in the required information , register and take a look at the website to familiarize yourself with the process of submitting your work. Once your register, your will find all the information your need to know on your dashboard including song copyright laws

Fill in the form.

Your need to be careful while filling up these forms, take a moment, sit and focus. Your will be asked several questions through the process of filling up these forms. You will start with copyright registration, click on performing arts, and after your go through it, you will find Register a Work, you can then click on Standard application to proceed with copyrighting your work.

After your fill in all the required information, your will be asked to answer several yes or no questions regarding if your work qualifies for the standard application process or not. You can then select the type of work, fill in the title, author info, status of publication, rights and permissions, claimant info, mailing address and correspondence contact. 

Review your application, submit and you are all set.

Pay the fee.

The service is not free, your have to pay a specific sum to get your work copyrighted. Up until writing these lines, the fee is now 55$ for every song your want to submit. The payment is made on a seperate website, your can either pay by AHC or Credit cards. 

We understand that the fee may relatively be high, be it is the most accurate way to do it, hiring a lawyer would be more expensive and you probably won’t get all the information you need to know.

Send the song.

When the payment is done, it is time to submit your supplemental materials. 

The list of accepted formats are listed on the website, all your have to do is follow the clear instructions. 

Upload the copies of your electronic documents and wait for them until they can finish uploading. The upload may take a few minutes, so be patient,if your refresh the page while the documents are being uploaded, your will have to do it again for the star.

Receive confirmation.

Confirmation comes on a digital and hardcopy forms. When the previous step is made as we described, your will receive confirmation immediately regarding your payment and file submission. For hardcopies, it’s quite different, you will have to wait up to six month to receive the hardcopy of you copyrighted music.


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