The British, Billboard charted artiste Juliette Ashby, also known from the Oscar winning documentary Amy, is again praised by the media when she with her beautiful and characteristic voice presents her new songs on the album WHY.  

In collaboration with the Swedish music producer duo Roots in a Jar, she creates bubbling magic in the form of appealing reggae songs with a nice vintage sound. The guest artists Aleks Syntek (Judge in The Voice Mexico), Carmen Pierri (winner of The Voice, Italy) and Daniel Lemma (Swedish gold-selling artist) make the song WHY complete, a song that will lay the foundation of your new favorite playlist!

Can you tell me more about yourself and what you are striving to achieve as an artist?

Ive been writing and performing music since the age of 8 years old. For me I want to be writing music for myself, other artists, tv and film till Im an old lady!

What sets you apart from other music artists?

 I like to think that my style of music being Reggae/RnB is fresh and bringing Reggae music to a commercial audience.

How would you describe your style of music?

I would say its Reggae/RnB

How’s your 2021 going? Are you working on any new album or singles?

Im excited to have this current release of WHY which I have collaborated with artists from across the globe. Produced by amazing producers ROOTS IN A JAR. I also have recently written and recorded the title track to a brand new movie being released at the end of 2021. Im very excited about that! We are working on some exciting projects that Im looking forward to sharing with everyone soon.

What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Health, happiness and peace

Can you give us a sneak peek into your creative process?

I normally write about my own life experiences. I would write lyrics and then start to create the melodies around it. Or I get great music from the music producers I work with then I write my lyrics around the music.

When you’re planning to release your next album? Can you tell us more about the progress?

24th of september which will include the single Why.


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