Featured Song of The Week: “Solve the Problem” by Deveondi

solve the problem by develondi

Artist Bio:

Deveondi is an American hip hop rapper, songwriter, producer, business owner, and angel investor. Born on July 25,1981 and raised on the Westside of Atlanta Georgia. He has endured a world of uncertainty including poverty, disfunction, and parental addictions.

The rapper was raised in the Perry Homes Projects by his mother who noticed his love for music when he was just 5 years old. She recalls having to restrict him from listening to the radio and had to encourage him to go play with the neighborhood kids. 
His father left the family when he was 10 years old,and as Deveondi recalls, his father was 
“never mentally present”.
While living at Perry Homes, Deveondi was was exposed to drugs and gun violence among other hardships often experienced in government housing. In a desperate attempt to change the situation for the better, his mother sent him to North Atlanta Performing Arts High School. This school was “on the other side of town” but offered an environment of academic excellence including opportunities for him to focus on his music. 

Deveondi discovered his own talent as a rapper when he was 13 years old. He used this talent to express himself, as he puts it “I used it as my therapy”. In 1997 he and two friends formed a music group named Anonymous. In 2000, Anonymous signed a record deal with the Atlanta label, Southside Records and wrote over 30 songs during their time. 
In 2004 after ending the deal with Southside Records, Deveondi formed his own record label named Vondi Music. Shortly after, he released his first solo project, entitled “I ain’t No Gangsta”. Staying true to his commitment to hard work and dedication, he self-promoted his music along with the help of some friends by selling cd’s out of the trunk of his car. 
In 2008 Deveondi decided to remove himself from music because of the disturbing practices he noticed within the industry. His intuition was telling him “the industry had become less and less about real talent and more about increasing market share”. 
Eleven years later, in 2019 he shocked his family and friends when he released a worldwide distributed album entitled “Real Events”. The album was written and recorded is less than 30 days. Deveondi says he has learned so much about himself in the past twelve years and his love for music has been revived. He is ready to share his wisdom of success and life discoveries with the world. 


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