Featured Artist of the Week: Alex Genadinik


Can you tell me more about yourself and what you are striving to achieve as an artist?

I am inspired by musicians who write beautiful lyrics. When I write my songs, I try to make them imaginative, interesting, and introspective. I want my listeners to experience interesting emotions and feelings, and come away with new perspectives and ideas.

What sets you apart from other music artists?

I have a different background. I am actually an entrepreneur. Today I run https://www.problemio.com as my main work and https://www.waveifyoulike.com as a hobby. I am also a top instructor on Udemy with over 300,000 students. But I always had a dream of creating music so that’s what I am pursuing as well.

How would you describe your style of music?

I am a singer-songwriter with a strong emphasis on lyrics and pretty melodies.

How’s your 2021 going? Are you working on any new album?

I work on one single at a time. I have two that I am working on recording now and one that I am writing. My goal is to release 1-3 originals or covers per month this year and lunch a total of about 20 tracks.

Tell us about the inspirations for your track “Oh Michaelangelo”?

I have always been in awe of the tenderness of that painting “The Birth of Adam” by Michaelangelo. And in this song I tried to juxtapose it with how lovers might touch. I found the concept very interesting to think and write about.

Can you give us some insight on “Magic Dandelion”, how you came up with some exquisite piece?

It’s a song against mass shootings. But it’s not about guns or politics. It’s about being humane to one another. This song re imagines a world where everyone was a little better and in that world these shootings would be avoided.

What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

I hope to create a concert. I also hope to have my music appreciated my millions of people. And I want to write pretty poetry.

Can you give us a sneak peek into your creative process?

It’s a lot of writing, imagining, and re-imagining. It’s frustrating while it’s happening, but every once in a while I come up with something I like and it becomes worthed.

When you’re planning to release your next album? Can you tell us more about the progress?

I release singles. The process is that I write a song, get feedback on it. Edit the song again. Get more feedback on it. And when I think it is in a good place, I record and then do production. After that, I create the music video for YouTube and launch.

Tell something for your fan base?

I recently created a website for my music: https://www.touchedbyasong.com – please take a look.


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