Can you tell us more about yourself and what you are striving to achieve as an artist?

I’m a 20 year old alternative singer-songwriter who is based in London. I started making music when I was 13, and I’ve written over 250 original songs up to date. I’m hoping to achieve international success with my material and hopefully inspire my listeners to dream and embrace their individuality. I talk about a lot of personal issues such as mental illness and trauma in my music and I hope that by doing this I will reduce the stigma surrounding these issues.

What sets you apart from other music artists?

I enjoy experimenting with more than one music genre and taking creative risks. An example of this is the contrast between the genres of my two EPs “This Little Girl” and “U & Me”. Another thing that I believe sets me apart from other artists is the fact that I like to keep my music as authentic as possible, not hesitating to sing about topics that are important to me and my life such as mental illness, trauma, loss, etc.

How would you describe your style of music?

I always describe my music as “depression you can jam to”! My music generally falls into the alternative rock/indie pop genres, often carrying elements of electro-pop and alternative hip-hop. When I first started writing music, my main inspirations were twenty one pilots and Taylor Swift, so I believe there are elements from their music that I carry in my original material even to this day.

How’s your 2021 going? Are you working on any new album?

2021 wasn’t too bad so far, music-wise. However if we are talking about my personal life, that’s a whole other story! I’ll be aiming to release a Christmas song by the end of the year, and perhaps a couple of singles from an upcoming album of mine.

Tell us about the inspirations behind your album “This Little Girl”?

 I started working on my EP “This Little Girl” when I had just finished secondary school and I was reflecting on my experiences there. The EP as a whole sums up my experiences as a teenager, particularly aspects of it such as having my first heartbreak, coping with mental illness and being bullied. My second EP “U & Me” however had a different vibe, as it contained songs about romantic love and relationships. Both EPs tell a story of their own.

What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Firstly, I hope to inspire the people around me as well as my listeners to dream and not be afraid to take risks in life. Coming from a very pragmatic family, I felt that I was heavily discouraged from taking risks growing up. The way I see it however, is that we only have one life, so we might as well spend it doing what we want to do, even if the journey isn’t always smooth! Secondly, I really hope that through my music I will help decrease stigma surrounding mental illness. I experienced anxiety and depression growing up and I felt like there wasn’t enough space to discuss my experiences with this, so I hope my music reassures people that they are not alone in their battles with mental health and that it’s ok to talk about it. Thirdly, and this one is fairly straightforward, I just want to be happy! I want to lead a life that’s so fulfilling that when I look back on it years from now I can smile and truly say that I lived.

Can you give us a sneak peek into your creative process?

Given that I’m a highly sensitive and emotional person, writing songs has never been a hard task for me. I usually have one thing or another that is consuming my thoughts at all times, so when I want to write a song I just sit down next to my piano or guitar, with a notebook on the other side of me, and I start playing around with different chords until I find a melody that perfectly resonates with how I’m feeling. Then, I put whatever is on my mind into words, until the song sounds complete. Alternatively, some of my songs start out as poems, and I later find a melody that goes with it.

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