Email Marketing for musicians: Does it work?

The internet today, has made it rather easy for people to promote their services and products. Email marketing for musicians enables them to reach out to their fans and even new potential fans based on who subscribed to their newsletter.

There is nothing wrong with using a newsletter, it is the perfect way to collect email addresses. In this article we will give you some Email Marketing tips for musicians, how to start a campaign for musicians and give you the general idea of how it works. These tips will help use email marketing the same way your use, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other means of social media to promote your work.

Email Marketing for Musicians: How to use it?

This strategy should not be taken for granted, we understand that it may seem rather futile to spend time and money on this, since everyone receives spam email, but there is always someone who will be interested in listening to music sent to him/her via email. 

As a musician aiming to promote your work, it is mandatory to have an email list, if not for spreading your music, it will most certainly help you reach out to your fans with the most recent news and announcements. That’s why email marketing for musicians is so important now days.

You can think of this as a similar promotion technique like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Make time to write an email and send it to your fan base, it will definitely help spread out the word.

How to proceed?

There are plenty of services that offer email marketing, most notably of these is Mailchimp and Aweber. They offer amazing features that allows your send mass emails up to 2000 at a time. W can argue that using Mailchimp can be the choice here, since it is relatively cheaper than Aweber, the latter offers packages between 19 and 149$ a month.

If you would like to do this by yourself, we advise that your never use a personal email. Try using a professional email with a professional address. It will certainly attract more fans or visitors if you are using a website, blog or social media page.

The newsletter.

The hardest step in this whole process is getting an email list of people who are interested in music and your genre specifically. Today, it is very hard to collect emails through newsletter, with the huge amount of information available on the internet, people believe they can get all they want to know without signing up to a newsletter. Here, your role becomes a key factor. 

It is rests genuinely on you to convince more people to sign up to your newsletter. By setting an “award” upon signing up to newsletter, the number of people who will sign up will rise. We suggest that you promise your subscribers of receiving exclusive content and live updates regarding your work.  

Depends on what you offer, there are other things you can offer your subscribers, it is up to you to decide since you will be having a better idea about what your audience wants. Email marketing for musicians have different arena where musicians can explore.

Use Catchy lines.

Our Email marketing tips for musicians list includes the use of catchy lines. Upon receiving an email, the received should be hooked on the first sentence or image. Using words like exclusive, discount, new, top, and hit in your sentences can significantly help you acquire a larger fan base and increase your plays or views. 

Promoting your music on social media is very essential, if you’re a start up, doing email marketing for musicians may contribute in making your work reach a wider community.


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