Dinero by Ounce Diamondz
Dinero by Ounce Diamondz

"Dinero" by Ounce Diamondz

In this article we will review a fresh new uprising artist named Ounce Diamondz. The world get to hear a fresh new promising track “Dinero by Ounce Diamondz“. Below you will find in depth insight on this music :

Dinero is about how where I’m At in life like I’m becoming selfish about how I’m making my next move. A Slight emphasis on How Ganja isn’t Something that can Cut Ambition, but just a Luxury.

1st verse:

how i step out to an event, where people know me love taking selfies with me blaseeeee and Some groupies are just groupies, but I’m not at the event for that I’m looking for the Next chapter in my career as an artist, whether it be with a Label or Artist.
At event i tend to smoke gassssss at one of these event some girl asked to suckeeeeem up lol 😂 to explain that I’m very transparent about what goes on in my life 😂
To finally explain that i was Born into a Environment that my Family would not understand, and simply if i don’t eat then I’ll just get eaten.

2nd verse:
Is a short 8bar verse just simply saying, idc what you really got on you, i really care if we match minds And ambition, i don’t spend money on flashy things i put it to the side to see it grow and that I’m really just trying to secure the bag.

LYRICS: "Dinero" by Ounce Diamondz​

Cause I’m Two Blunts in ready to go
hoping around these shawtys like I’m drose
I was told i was to cold sub zero
If you don’t talk money talk dinero

Check up how i go n flick a wrist
How i make her go n flick a pic
But i ain’t here to tryna flex no drip
Cause I’m Earning Money tryna get a check

And I’m Smoking on some gas an I’m lit
And then Shorty said she wanna suck my dick
Ain’t not censor on the track when I’m in
Cause I’ma dirty motherfucker when i spit

I was planted in a soil to rough for my culture

Had eat up all the Dead days just to approach a

Place where times Eat dead bodies like a Vulture

N If you dont go for it
Get Prepared for the torture

When I’m two blunts in ima savage
Cause I get more loose bout that action

And i don’t really care for what you flashing
Cuz I’m tryna get to working on my passion

And I’m Jason turner cause I’m in the bottom
If you Need a couple bars bitch i gottem

Put that money to the side and watch it blossom
So This all for the Prezzys playing possum


Öunce DIAMONDZ , is a Supportive artist, he’s more about the support for others and networking also connecting talents he met along the way, great a&r when it comes to others creating music. Prefers to make music alone and Write alone , but the Presence of others when it’s Time to lay the track down is alway appreciated . Music pertains to the lifestyle of him, From a Confident sound to The Somber tone of pain. Highly relatable and off the mic just a funny ass dude.


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