Artist Interview Publication – “Amarrai Cabell”


Amarrai Cabell has over 100k streams already with the release of his new single ‘Blow bags’. The lyrics command a style of writing that makes the listener think and empathise all in one sitting. Cabell is a very dynamic artist who has amassed over 6M soundcloud plays and now has two double silver plaques and the highest viewed vimeo artist of the new decade with 4M views with very little social media.

Question-1) What sets you apart from other music artists?

Answer : I think what sets me apart from other artists is that i write all of my own songs and edit all of my own music videos and stuff

Question-2) How would you describe your style of music?

Answer : my style of music is very hard to explain i don’t like being held down to one genre i will say it’s experimental but alternative for the most part and i also do alternative rap/cloud rap

Question-3) How’s your 2019 going? Are you working on any new album or track?

Answer :  2020 has been crazy but i have some good news yes. i am working with a talented producer which has been cool because i mostly produce all my stuff on my own, but i am working on the next album and it sounds really good right now

Question-4) What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Answer : three things one. world peace two make sure my friends and family are always okay i just wanna be able to always financially take care of them three maybe be able to develop a electric car that’s affordable for everyone or invest in a company that can make one you know

Question-5) Can you give us a sneak peek into your creative process, I mean your work process?

Answer : i haven’t leaped too much out of the bedroom i feel like it’s faster when i’m collaborating especially 

Question-6) When you’re planning to release your next track? Can you tell us more about the progress?

Answer : yeah we’re talking about it right now but i can’t promise a new song but we might hear something soon 

Question-7) Tell something for your fan base?

Answer : i just wanna tell my fans i love you i know it’s tough times right now but hang in there i appreciate the love and we are working very hard to make it a special year for you 


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