Zeit Pt 1 by Molley Morgan
With his single "Zeit pt I" the Cologne-based rapper Molley presents a decent work of German-speaking, full-hearted hip-hop.

About Molley Morgan

Molley was born 86 in Bong Town (Liberia) and was already on stage as a support act with legends of German Hip Hop: Sido, Kollegah, or K.I.Z. This is not surprising when you hear the 33-year-old Rapper, because he is definitely a talent in his genre. This was also recognized in 2006, wheb the Bremen-based independent label BremenChild took Molley under contract. Currently, Molley is also on the road with the Amplidudes as “Molley & Amplidudes”, which are considered an ambitious live band.

With his sound Molley combines rap skills and at time also singing, well chosen beats (HipHop, Soul, Funk, Trap, etc) and lyrics with a message. He believes that music as an art can bring people together no matter where they a from, what they believe in or what heritage, sexual orientation or genral background they have.

Über Molley
Kennern der deutschen Rapszene dürfte Molley durchaus ein Begriff sein, denn der in Bong Town (Liberia) geborene MC, teilte sich bereits als Support-Act die Bühne mit den Legenden des deutschen Hip Hop: Sido, Kollegah, oder auch K.I.Z. Dies ist nicht verwunderlich, wenn man den 33 jährigen Molley das erste mal hört, denn er ist in seinem Genre definitiv ein Talent. Dies erkannte im Jahr 2006 das in Bremen ansässige Independent-Label BremenChild, das den Rapper unter Vertrag nahm. Gegenwärtig ist Molley auch mit den Amplidudes als “Molley & Amplidudes” unterwegs, welche als ambitionierte Live-band gelten.

Wer auf den ehrlichen und kompromisslosen Rap der deutschen Szene steht, der sollte an Molley auf keinen Fall vorbeilaufen! Der Mann macht genau das, was sich viele wünschen und pfeift auf sämtliche Trends im Rap. Nicht nur musikalisch ist dies dargebotene Liedgut, feinster Hip Hop, sondern auch stimmlich ein echter Genuss, der eine positive Message und einen positiven Vibe verbreitet.

About ZEIT PT 1.

With his single “Zeit pt I” the Cologne-based rapper Molley presents a decent work of German-speaking, full-hearted hip-hop. The positive message that Molley transposes into this song to his audience is omnipresent and an appell to understand that nobody should let themselves be controlled by negativity.

Molley combines old-fashioned hip-hop beats with a positive message and thus creates a truly timeless rap track that can convince not only lyrical and production-wise, but also vocally. This single is well produced and great for feeling into the music, internalizing the text and creating a positive response.

If you like the honest and uncompromising rap of the German scene, you should not miss this piece of art! Molley does exactly what one desires. Not only musically, this is finest hip hop, but also vocally a real pleasure that spreads a positive message and a positive vibe.


Über den Song

Der in Köln lebende Rapper Molley präsentiert mit seiner Single “Zeit (Pt. I)” ein extrem starken Song des deutschsprachigen, traditionellen Hip-Hop. Die positive Message, die Molley in diesem Song an sein Publikum trägt, ist allgegenwärtig und quasi als Appell daran zu verstehen, dass ein Mensch sich nicht von den negativen Dingen im Leben beeinflussen bzw. runterziehen lassen sollte.

Klanglich erinnert “Zeit (Pt. I)” in der Tat an den legendären Sound aus Hamburg und vor allem Berlin. Molley wirkt stimmlich wie eine Fusion aus Samy Deluxe, Azad und Baba Saad und bringt dabei seine eigene Identität auf “Zeit (Pt. I)” kontinuierlich rüber. Der kölner Rapper vereint altbewährte Hip-Hop Beats mit einer positiven Message und erschafft somit einen wahrlich zeitlosen Rap Track, der nicht nur lyrisch und produktionstechnisch überzeugen kann, sondern auch stimmlich. Es handelt sich bei dieser Single keineswegs um eine etwas aggressivere Produktion, sondern eignet sich hervorragend, sich in die Musik hineinzufühlen, den Text zu verinnerlichen und daraus durchaus eine positive Resonanz zu erzeugen.

Zeit Pt 1 by Molley Morgan
Zeit Pt 1 by Molley Morgan

Interview Session with Molley Morgan

  • What sets you apart from other music artists?

While most German rappers are mostly concerned about money, fashion, cars, etc I truly believe that with music we can bring people together, educate and spread important messages as well as positive vibes. I’m a true believer in love in all ways always.

  • How would you describe your style of music?

With and without my band I combine old-school HipHop, Soul, Jazz and Trap. My sound is influenced by artists like Chefket, Samy Deluxe, Max Herre, Anderson Paak, J.Cole, JID, 6lack,etc.

  • How’s your 2019 going? Are you working on any new album or track?

2019 started with a first little release in May. Since then I’m dropping one Single each month while ending the year with an EP that will include 5 songs.
Based on constant releases (incl. exclusives on Instagram) the Instagram fan base grew from 2000 to over 6000 followers. On Spotify it grew from 0 to 540. Hence, also 2020 there will be at least 2 EPs with at least 5 track each.

  • What are three things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Having an own sold-out tour with at least 8 shows in venues that fit 600 people. Record a song with Chefket Performing at an important charity event.

  • Can you give us a sneak peek into your creative process, I mean your work process?

it’s always differs. Mostly, I’m inspired either by stories people tell, my past or a beat. Most of the times I let my mind decide what I write without really thinking about it. Recently, I started to only write down the end rhymes so that I have more freedom when I record songs and don’t limit my self to the word which I have written down. I try to only give myself a structure.

  • When you’re planning to release your next track? Can you tell us more about the progress?

Next release will be October 25th, then November 28th,then December 27th (EP) – all streaming only.

  • Tell something for your fan base?

The core of my fans are between 25 and 35. Although the engagement with female fans is higher, the distribution is still 50/50. They most likely share my point of view and most of them also want to see change and make a difference. With each gig and release the fan base is growing and that can no coincidence. The support is growing.


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