5 Fullproof Marketing Strategies for Musicians

Starting out in the music industry is daunting, with your chances of making it big negligible by creating music alone. Creating great music is only half the work done, and the other half consists of creating your brand (or band’s brand), establishing connections and building an active fanbase online. That’s why we have laid out 5 fullproof marketing strategies for musicians to help them grow their fan base organically.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone, and a great deal of online tools are available to make the task of promoting your music easier. 

Getting Creative with Visual Content

Advertisements are everywhere all the time, both online and offline, which is why you need to up your game up by using striking visuals from the very inception of your brand. This includes snazzy album covers, eye-catching social media content and flyers that get the point across. 

But what really separates the good from a great marketing campaign is how the brand experiments and evolve their marketing efforts by taking into account the season, their audience, marketing trends and popular platforms. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into some effective and affordable strategies you should use to promote your music.

#1 Build your Home Base

Starting out, your musical brand needs an anchor, a home base. In other words, you need a website. Having a website means you have a dedicated web space where your fans can go to for updates. It’s also essentially a story book of your band and how it progresses as the years pass by. 

Share everything your band does, from album teasers, new releases, concert photos, digital flyers, news and upcoming shows. 

Try online services like WordPress or Wix to create your website. Or try Bandzoogle, a website dedicated to providing an online space for musicians. Bandzoogle provides bands with an infrastructure to build a customized website that reflects the band’s philosophy and music via responsive templates.


No matter your website strategy, strive not only to make it professional, but go for eye-catching, attention-grabbing and mind-blowing visual content.


#2 Design Digital Content

Once you have your website up, you can then expand your horizons. Use engaging visual content to promote your band on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms. Creating eye-catching visuals is easier than you think. With a tool like PosterMyWall, creating visuals is super easy because of the plethora of customizable, professionally designed templates for posters, flyers, videos and social media graphics. Check out these templates that you can customize for your band:

Wondering what to post on social media? Here are some ideas: 

  • Post high resolution photos of your previous gigs, along with photos of fans.
  • Everything about your new releases, whether it’s an announcement, an album cover, a teaser or an update. 
  • Post about your friends and connections, such as their new release or new show (more in the next point) 
  • News in the music industry, relevant to your genre and listeners. 
  • Ask a question! Get audience opinion on their favorite songs, and play those in your next tour. 
  • Publish your single for an upcoming album on YouTube and share. Sharing a single can perform better than an actual teaser for your album.

#3 Establish connections

Having friends in the industry will help in every stage of your journey. Here are some of the perks: 

  • Doing your own show becomes more feasible as you’ll have other bands willing to open for you, or provide support in some way such as by spreading the word. 
  • Free social media promotion. If you’re on good terms with a musician or an influencer, they’re more likely to share your music and be your evangelist on social media. 
  • Connections establish legitimacy, especially when artists with a good name endorse your talent. 
  • Signing deals, finding the right producer for your album and other collaboration options open up.  

So how do you establish a connection? You don’t build a connection via email correspondence with a promoter, or a one time chat with another musician. It’s something deeper. According to Sonic bids, a connection is someone you’ve met in person, have known for some time, can relate to genuinely, and can trust.


So how do you make a connection? It involves a lot of reciprocity, where you want to make a deal where both parties mutually benefit.

The first step is to know who you’re reaching out to. You can’t just start handing out your business card to everyone you find. Instead, shortlist people you’re interested in, and find a way to strike up a conversation where both your interests align. 

Twitter is also a great place for striking up conversations. Use Twitter hashtags to make your posts visible, find like minded people and interact with them. Once you get to know them long enough, you could ask them for something more, like opening for your next gig, or spreading the word about your new release. 

Keep this in mind when working on building connections: 

  • Support the people who support you. Talk about them, help them wherever you can and be their well-wisher. 

Go for the long haul. Establishing connections is painstaking work, and it may take you months, even years to find the right people.

#4 Promote Local

Posters and flyers are still the best way to grab attention locally despite the availability of online options. One of the most powerful digital resources available today are professionally designed customizable poster and flyer templates. You can customize these digital templates and create stunning visual graphics that can be utilized both in print form and across digital channels. Hand them out around your city, post them on every corner, share on your social media, spread the word anywhere and everywhere you can. Get all this, and more with PosterMyWall’s versatile design tools. 

Your posters shouldn’t be too wordy, as few people will stop by to read. Instead, your poster content should be concise, and designed to give all necessary information to a passerby. Place your flyers in places where it’s going to catch eyeballs. This includes places near bars, restaurants, clubs as well as places relevant to your audience. If you’re a rock/metal band, having your flyers near a music store is a good idea. Here’s an example of a music poster you can customize on PosterMyWall in minutes. An eye-catching poster can be the fine line between a few scattered fans and a jam packed house at your next concert.

#5 Sell Music Online

Gone are the days where you could make a steady income by selling physical albums and occasional tours. Now, it’s essential for you to make your music available online. Streaming sites are all the rage today and you want to make your music accessible on all these platforms. 

Consider the following platforms to publish your music, each boasting millions of users worldwide: 

Sites like DistroKid also provide a quick and easy way to get your music streaming. For a minimal monthly fee you receive unlimited uploads to streaming services while you keep 100% of the streaming proceeds. That’s a dream come true for any musician.

As with all kinds of media, the first impression must be golden. And for this, your album cover needs to be epic. We know getting a professional album designer may be well out of your reach if you’re starting out with a restricted budget. But we’ve got the perfect solution for you. 

Instead, you can design your own album by using professionally designed album cover templates. Use design tools offered by PosterMyWall to customize and personalize your album cover in minutes! Once done, you can get a high resolution download and get printed, as well as use it for all kinds of online publications. The best part, it provides great value while being light on your wallet. 

You create great music. And you’re probably reading this blog because you want the world to know it. Marketing your band is not unlike creating music in that you have to keep at it. You have to consistently produce new music, just like you have to consistently create new marketing content to keep your audience consistently engaged. 

The good news is that there are dynamic tools available to help you with all kinds of promotions, each step of the way. Make the most of your marketing opportunities and who knows, you may stand out and take the world by storm, like those British guys with the bowl haircuts.


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