After spending months or maybe even years working on your new musical masterpiece, it would be a shame if its impact did not live up to your expectations. So, questions like how to promote your music? how to promote a single release? and how to promote your music on social media? start eating through your mind.

If you want to avoid this, you need a real marketing plan to create anticipation among your fans and succeed in your promo.

With hundreds of new albums and extended plays coming out every day, the competition is tough to capture the attention of your fan base, as faithful as it is. Therefore, in this article, we will see a solid music marketing plan to implement in order to promote the release of your new album or extended play. This will serve to interest your fans, attract the curious and ensure that your album will continue to sell over time

Plan the Release.

How to get your music out there? First and foremost, create a plan for the total duration of your launch campaign. This plan revolves around the release date and must include your concerts, your ads, the release of your promo content (teasing, cover, single, clip, cover, interview, etc.) and everything that seems relevant (newsletter, contacts, updates, etc.).

Teaser Release

For your launch, you really want to create anticipation. For this, there are several ways to proceed. One thing you can do, for example, is to count down about 10 days before the release. Every day that comes closer, publish on your social networks a new visual informing your fans of the remaining number of days. Another idea is to broadcast only a short excerpt of a title or a clip, or even to reveal only part of the album art. Get creative and plan these actions over time to reveal a little more each week

Use Your Newsletter

Successful marketing strategies for music artists rely heavily on communication with their fans. As you launch, share your singles, media passages or album art via your newsletter and ask your fan community to share the information. Send an email announcing the release date and ask your fans to reply to your message if they wish to listen to an exclusive clip. In general, subscribers to your newsletter should be the first to know and you should constantly strive to collect addresses from new fans. There is as yet no more reliable and more powerful way on the web than email to communicate directly with its fans.

Document Everything on Social Media

One of the key questions you should know the answer to is, how to promote your music successfully on the internet? A major part of promoting your new album is carefully documenting your entire adventure, from composition to the studio and from studio to stage. Take pictures and videos at each stage and write articles or publications to describe the whole process. You will have excellent content to share on social networks, on your site, and with your newsletter. For example, do not hesitate to draw your phone to capture the listening of one of your new titles in the studio with Instagram or Snapchat. You can even go so far as to create a mini-documentary or a series of videos to raise the buzz.

Musicians are increasingly aware of the power of social networks in relation to their musical careers. However, it’s not enough to share an iTunes link or create a Facebook event to effectively promote the release of your album. You need to find original ideas to connect to your fans in a fun and engaging way. If you can create a real friendly and warm relationship, rather than spamming “BUY MY ALBUM”, you will build your fanbase and establish a relationship much more sincere and supposed. You may adopt a successful music marketing ideas but it will always fail without the fans

Ask Your Fans

As an independent artist or group, you need a lot of band promotion ideas, so you do not have to do everything on your own. Indeed, if you look better, you will realize that you have a team of people ready to help you. It is about your fans! Your launch strategy can include a crowdfunding campaign, an exclusive contest for your fans or a request to participate (for your next clip, or creation of cover or remix) that you will share later. Aside from that, do not be afraid to ask your fans for concrete help, while rewarding their efforts in a proportionate way.


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