Many music platforms are saturated with artists trying to break through, but Reddit still has great potential to promote your music for free. For many reason it is suggested to musicians to promote music on reddit. By the very operation of the site, there is no distance between you and your listeners: you can introduce yourself, share the address of your site and interact with them. This is the perfect opportunity to develop your brand! Be aware, however, that Reddit users are known for their franchise, so you must be prepared to receive constructive comments (or not) on your music.

Familiarize yourself with Reddit Community

However, in order to promote music on Reddit, you need to get the favor of the community. It would not make any sense for people to see a random person trying to get them into listening to some random song. Imagine if someone showed up at your work trying to ask everyone to buy a robot that will do their tasks for them. You would laugh at the seller, right? Well if you do not want that to happen to you, make a reputation for yourself before you post your music.

The community of Reddit respect each other. In order to become one of the community, you first need to interact with them. Your username will be remembers by those are interested in music, and what you post will be valuable and read by many Reddit users. Familiarize yourself with Reddit, down votes, up votes and subreddits; you will find that very useful in promoting your music. When you feel like you a valuable member of music Subreddits, you can then post music on reddit. It can be your life changing decision to promote music on reddit.

The Most Popular Music Subreddits

Subreddits are Reddit communities dedicated to a particular subject. With the huge growth of Reddit in recent years, some of its communities have become the largest communities on specific topics all over the Internet. The most popular Subreddits have more than 1 million members and cover a wide variety of topics.

Since you will be promoting your music, try to make a name for yourself in the following Subreddits:









Why Promote music on Reddit?

If Reddit is allergic to marketing, why would you want to make it on this platform? Simply for the following three reasons:

The Viral Potential: Largely thanks to Reddit’s democratic system, the visibility of the content strongly depends on the reception of the content by the redditors. The source of content plays only a small role in making it go viral. This allows everyone to have an almost equal chance of success on Reddit as long as the content is creative and interesting.

Targeted Users: By segmenting communities through subreddits, it is possible to potentially target the largest community on a particular topic across the Internet. In our case, Music.

Syndication Potential: Since Reddit is a hub for tens of thousands of online influencers, often published content benefits from global syndication at many online and even offline sites. For example, we have already seen content appear in prestigious newspapers such as the New York Times or Forbes. Your music, if it is good enough, will go viral quickly and can even get posted o popular sources of media.

Success of Reddit.

The success rate is quite higher compare to other platform to promote music on reddit. To get the best results from Reddit, you need to approach your marketing strategy by giving something to the Reddit community early in the planning process. This does not mean that you cannot achieve your goals, but if you do not always keep in mind to offer valueable content to the Reddit community, your strategy is likely to be a bitter failure. Providing good music content on Reddit is as simple as providing it on other means of social media. Just do not be a sellout.

Your content should not look like a sales pitch. Content can be any form, but graphics content usually works better. It is extremely important to produce content that is as unbiased as possible, because if your content is light on marketing, it is likely to be a failure.


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