Zeit Pt 1 by Molley Morgan

An Interview with Molley Morgan on Zeit Pt 1

About Molley Morgan Molley was born 86 in Bong Town (Liberia) and was already on stage as a support act with legends of German Hip Hop: Sido, Kollegah,...
youtube music

Youtube music is now on all Android 10 device by default

Youtube Music is Now on All Android 10 There is a new Music Player in town. YouTube Music is taking over and it should now be Google's new...
promote music on reddit

3 Best Tips to Promote Music on Reddit

Promote Music on Reddit: Why promote on Reddit? Many music platforms are saturated with artists trying to break through, but Reddit still has great potential to promote your...
Dinero by Ounce Diamondz

Artist Review: Dinero by Ounce Diamondz

"Dinero" by Ounce Diamondz In this article we will review a fresh new uprising artist named Ounce Diamondz. The world get to hear a fresh new promising track...
system of a down tour 2020

System of a Down Tour 2020 : It’s Official

SYSTEM OF A DOWN TOUR 2020: EUROPEAN TOUR Why did you put the keys on the table? You want to? Well, it is time to pick them up,...

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